Biscuits on a wood stove

Classic Dutch Oven

Classic Dutch Oven

Editors Note: Article Originally published on Lehman’s Country Life

I spoke with a customer recently about her wood heating stove and how she used it to cook on during the

Resolute Acclaim

Resolute Acclaim

most recent ice storm and power outage in Kentucky where she lives. (Funny, I mentioned my Aunt lives in Morgantown KY, and she said she lives not far from there.)

She owns a Resolute Acclaim from Vermont Castings. She said, “It worked great for making biscuits. I purchased 2 stove top thermometers from Lehman’s and put one on the top of the stove and the other on the Dutch Oven I was using to cook with.”

Here are a few tips she’d like to pass along:

  1. The wood that you’re burning needs to be fully seasoned, no wet or moisture-laden wood.
  2. The temp of the stove needs to be 500-550 degrees for baking biscuits.
  3. Use a stove pipe thermometer on the top of the stove as well as on the top of your Dutch oven to ensure the temp is kept even.
  4. For baking time refer to your favorite recipe.
  5. Absolutely NO PEEKING into the Dutch oven while the biscuits are baking.

Her daughter thought these were the best biscuits she’s ever made.

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